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hayman island intellirecreation client

"Guests on Hayman now receive a single itinerary showing every booking they have confirmed, whether it be dining in the restaurants, reef adventures and array of resort activities," said Kevin Noble, IT manager at Hayman

intelliRecreation™ Recreation Management software

Whether you operate a single hotel or a world-wide chain of resorts, intelliRecreation™ has exciting possibilities for you. Resorts, hotels, retreats can increase on site spend, improve utilization of resources, and increase Revpar while increasing repeat visits.

“We were able to choose the Property Management system and the activities software of our choice, knowing that there was a universal connector through HTNG. We can show our guests their complete itinerary for their stay on Hayman, knowing the costs will be accurately billed back to their room regardless of whether the provider is the resort or one of our 3rd party providers”, said Kevin Noble IT Manger at Hayman.

Four reasons why we are chosen over other solutions:

  • We have great understanding of what resorts need to make their business healthy.
  • We have exceptional customer support.
  • We have innovative technology, which is easy to use.
  • We are flexible in our modular delivery, our pricing plans and in our business terms

Call now to schedule a conversation with one our sales consultants, and be ready to be delighted!

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